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Gold N Touch Massage

&  Wellness Center

Make time for you... 

so you can give your best!!!


Wellness is a choice ..... choose now to become the best you can be!

Many wellness options  - all in one location!  

Yoga Classes ~ Massage ~ Fascia Stretch Therapy ~ Reflexology

Reiki   ~ Workshops & Education ~ Salt Room ~ Infrared Sauna

Our Yoga Team 

Dennis - Yoga Teacher - Gentle Yoga - Chair Yoga & Vinyasa Yoga

Our Massage Team 

Kandee - Certified Massage Therapist - specializes in very connected and present therapeutic bodywork to leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and renewed so you can be more productive, less stressed & more balanced.   Kandee has expertise in Reflexology and Reiki and has extensive knowledge and experience in Soft Tissue Release

Dayna - Certified Massage Therapist - specializes in therapeutic massage utilizing varied techniques that target problem areas from myo-facial release to trigger point release to Joint Articulation for Frozen Shoulder and Frozen Hips -  extensive work with the PSOAS muscle  - releasing this muscle is fundamental in the releasing  pain from Sciatica, numbness in the thigh  muscles  - all the while soothing your body with nurturing energy and the applications of essential oils and many modalities including Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage.  

Every massage is tailored to your needs of the day.