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Gold N Touch Massage

&  Wellness Center

Make time for you... 

so you can give your best!!!


Wellness is a choice ..... choose now to become the best you can be!

Many wellness options  - all in one location!  

Yoga Classes ~ Massage ~ Fascia Stretch Therapy ~ Somatic Therapy

Reiki ~ Personal  Pilates Training ~ Workshops & Education ~ Salt Room ~ Infrared Sauna

Our Yoga Team 

Beth ~ Yoga Teacher - Personal Pilates Training

Dennis - Yoga Teacher - Gentle Yoga & Pow er Yoga

Gretchen - Personal Pilates Training - Personal T'ai Chi Training

Michelle - Yoga Teacher  - Beginning Yoga & Vinyasa Yoga

Saundra - Yoga Teacher 

Our Massage Team 

Michelle - Certified Massage Therapist - specializes in very connected and present therapeutic bodywork to leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and renewed so you can be more productive, less stressed & more balanced.  

Dayna - Certified Massage Therapist - specializes in therapeutic massage utilizing varied techniques that target problem areas