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Gold N Touch Massage

&  Wellness Center

Make time for you... 

so you can give your best!!!


Wellness is a choice ..... choose now to become the best you can be!

Many wellness options  - all in one location!  

Yoga Classes ~ Massage ~ Fascia Stretch Therapy ~ Somatic Therapy

Reiki ~ Personal  Pilates Training ~ Workshops & Education ~ Salt Room ~ Infrared Sauna

Massage Menu

* Swedish - full body treatment 1 hour ---- 85 *

Use of hands, elbows, forearms massage the body using light to moderate pressure with varied short and long  gliding strokes that manipulate the layers of muscles in a direction going back to the heart ... the main objective is improve mental and physical well being ...

* Deep Tissue - 1 hour -------------------- 85 * 

This can be a varied massage using many techniques true to Swedish massage only with more pressure and really targets problem areas to release tensions in specific muscle groups depending on where the tension is being held... can be combined w varied techniques depending on the evaluation of the client & their comfort level ... myo-fascial release can be applied and direct pressure is sustained to maximize the release of that tension in the muscle & connective tissue ...communication is vital as ones pain tolerance varies from client to client

* Swedish - full body treatment 1 & 1/2 hours --110 *

* Deep Tissue - 1 & 1/2 hours ------110 *

* Hot Stone Massage - 1 hour -----85 *

Hot stones are applied to the body with rhythmic motion releasing tension in muscles that hold stresses from exercise or  your day at work.... Not recommended if you are pregnant, have hot flashes, are allergic to heated modalities, neuropathy, and some other health conditions

* Couples Massage  -  1 hour -----------177 *

* Couples Massage -1.5 hours --------- 207 *

A simultaneous massage given to you and your special someone

 in the same room with two tables, two massage therapists, for one unforgettable bonding quality experience ... 

         Leaving you both refreshed and renewed

                                              to then go on with your day!& your special someone in the same room ...

two tables ...two massage therapists ... a special way to experience 

quality time with each other 


* Emotional Release w Essential Oils---110 *

Essential oils have been used for centuries & has tremendous

healing properties & can help to release emotions that we store

in our body... these special oil blends are applied in a specific

order & can help one to restore emotional balance.... it is

recommended to have this treatment after a massage

* Emotional Release w Essential Oils w/ 1/2 hour massage ---150 *

* Pre-natal Massage---- 85 *

This is a sideline massage & is given with a gentle touch... very

relaxing & can be of great benefit as the body has to respond

differently during this great experience . Feet, neck, & shoulders

lower back feel especially refreshed after a massage session.

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